Tuesday, January 20, 1981

Join the CHW Artisans Program!

Are you or do you know a young woman or man who would benefit from being in a paid training program, learning to work with your hands and how to sell what they make?

Covenant House Washington (CHW) has an opportunity for six young adults to join a six-month fine woodworking training program, leading to employment placement.

Our next class begins Wednesday, January 17th, at the CHW Artisans Woodshop, located in the Kenilworth neighborhood of N.E. DC.

Hands-on and OJT trainings include:

  • Practical math / woodshop math
  • Safety and materials handling
  • Production methods and quality control
  • Traditional furniture fabrication
  • Laser and computer controlled cutting tools
  • Basic layout and graphic design
  • Specialty retail sales and communications

Our graduates are employed by local and regional cabinetmakers, fabricators, specialty retailers and government facilities. Their work has been featured in national publications, and is sold at regional craft marketplaces year-round.

Qualified applicants are

  • Able to commit to a daily morning class, meeting weekdays from 9 to noon, from January to July of 2007.
  • 17 ½ to 23 ½ years old
  • Possess or can obtain identification prior to program start
  • Have a HS diploma or GED, or
  • Is enrolled in a GED program,or
  • Completes an assessment screening for CHW GED enrollment and demonstrates readiness to take the GED within their six month enrollment period.
  • Demonstrates an interest in learning and working with their hands.

Benefits include:

  • Hourly stipends, with the possibility of earning up to $700/mo.
  • Free DC metro fare
  • Free hot daily meal
  • All shop supplies available at no charge
  • Employment placement upon successful completion

While enrolled, Artisans receive any needed educational, vocational or social supports and services from Covenant House Washington, in order to reinforce their attendance and skills retention.


1. Interested youth need to complete an intake in the Service Management offices at Covenant House’s Community Service Center, 2001 Mississippi Ave. SE. weekdays between 9 AM and 6 PM.

2. Once intake is compelte, all qualified youth will recieve a program application and be scheduled for an interview at the Artisans woodshop prior to the start of class.

IMPORTANT : Intake Deadline is 6 PM on Friday, January 12th.

If you have any questions, please email Matt Barinholtz or call the woodshop at (202) 610-6519.

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