Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ced at SurroundArt

Cedric Spicer, a 2006 Artisan grad and 2007 Shop Assistant, has completed a 30 day paid internship with SurroundArt, a leading art display and crating/art handling company in Washington, DC. Ced has assisted with construction of crates that will hold priceless art and antiquities, and was on hand when an enormous Calder sculpture was prepped for shipping to Ireland! Ced is learning from his coworker Sam (pictured) and is confident that there's a career in custom art crates! He is now a contract worker with them, and will be challenged to achieve and move upwards! Go Ced Go!

Stop the presses! Ced passed his GED with flying colors on March 29, 2007! Congrats Ced!
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Datron Gray - Glass Professional!

Datron is a 2005 graduate of the program - we will always remember when he came to us one day asking to learn how to drive an automatic transmission, because he was starting a job parking cars that night! He turned his career as a lot attendant into a driving job for a countertop installation shop, and then into working for Mel and Sons, a nearby glass installation and repair company. We are so proud of Datron!
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Darall and his new car, Raven with her truck!!

Darall Watson is a spring 2006 graduate, and he recently purchased a car! Since his graduation, he has been a manager a local McDonalds restaurant, and has been saving for his move into his own apartment. He is one test from completing his GED, and we are so proud to know that he is more independent that ever before. Congratulations, Darall!

And what do you know, Raven Reed stopped by today as well! She is an installer with a contractor for a local cable company, and has been working in the trades since she graduated. Raven is a graduate of a class of 2004, and she has been actively recruiting other Artisans who have driver's licenses!
Way to go Raven!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Module 2 Done with Success


With the pressure off the morning Artisans, are coming out their shells.
Having finished their second module they are eager to move on. They already show
conviction and the drive to improve their skill in this craft.


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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hanging With Justin

The afternoon class hung out with our artist in residence, Justin Couch who is a brillant designer. He is in a show at the Honfleur Gallery in which he invited the afternoon class to share with him. I think it is safe to say that Justin has drawn inspiration from the afternoon class which we feel is a very good thing. The Honfleur Gallery is supported by ARCH which is supporting Justin's residency with us.
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